Rollator Range Expanded
Rollator Range Expanded

Mobility and living aids specialist, Able2, have introduced a new product to their range to open up further possibilities in their walking support range.

With over 10 rollators and walkers already in the Able 2 range, the company is keen to provide an even larger range to their customers in order to ensure that all possible requirements are answered by one or more of the company’s products. The new addition to the Able 2 range is the company’s first shopping trolley solution.

 The Carlett Lett900 trolley provides the user with the best of both worlds: a sturdy yet manoeuvrable rollator that offers support to anyone who might struggle with walking stability whilst navigating the weekly shop. Additionally, the 29 litre shopping basket holds a considerable amount of shopping without the need for it to be carried. The lid of which doubles as a handy seat to enable the user to take the weight off their feet wherever they are.

 With its contemporary look, Carlett products are both practical and stylish. Says Able2 Managing Director Mark Diaj “In today’s world, customers are seeking out more modern solutions to help them live their day-to-day lives more easily. The design offered by Carlett is very much new to the market and we are proud to have the opportunity to act as the sole distributor for the Lett 900 in the UK”.

Find out more about the Lett900 here.