Able2 at the OT Show 2019
Able2 at the OT Show 2019
Mobility and living aids specialist, Able2 UK Ltd and revolutionary kettle designer, Uccello are pleased to announce that they have entered into a partnership which sees Able2 take the reins as sole distributor for the UK market. 

As a specialist distributor and manufacturer in this marketplace, Able2 are well placed to tap into their expertise of supporting all retailers – large and small, high street and online – with tailored marketing support designed to drive interest, engagement and sales.

“Here at Able2, we have been working hard with many of our suppliers to ensure we add value to their UK distribution” says Managing Director Mark Diaj; adding “It is evident that Uccello are highly invested in the global market and are passionate about ensuring comprehensive coverage within the regional marketplaces they have entered into. As a distributor it is a delight to work with such a driven company”.

Darragh Lynch, Director of Uccello Marketing EU agrees: “Able2 have maintained this ethos of flexibility for their suppliers. They are committed to communicating to their customers and the wider audience the messages for their core range of products. As a supplier, being able to partake in this communication channel only helps to strengthen our brand presence still further.”

The Uccello Kettle founder and inventor Andy De Petra was a coffee lover whose arthritis diagnosis meant he struggled to lift a kettle of boiling water to make his morning coffee. Unlike other kettles and kettle-tippers, the circular shape of the Uccello Kettle - combined with its rotating cradle – moves around the body of water to assist the flow of the pour, so you don’t have to lift, strain or balance, making it ideal for those with restricted mobility.

As part of the communications roadmap Able2 and Uccello will be demonstrating the kettle at The OT Show in November. Able2’s team will also be embarking on a reintroduction to their network of national retailers; supporting them in their own marketing activity.