HIPSHIELD - Male - Small - SINGLE Pack
Number: PR20305
Dimensions: S: 760-810mm (30-32")

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Hip protectors help to reduce the risk of hip fractures: a debilitating injury that can be complex in its healing process.

Whether being used as part of a care package for an elderly patient, potentially unstable on their feet and at risk of a fall; or as part of a post-operative rehabilitation plan, the Hipshield can help to prevent a fall becoming an injury.

The lightweight honeycomb structure of the Hipshield absorbs much of the impact, and deflects any remaining jarring away from the hip bone.

To use:
Suitable for day or nightwear, the Hipshield just slips into a pair of protector pants and is unobtrusive beneath skirts or trousers. Place the hip protectors into the internal pockets before putting the garment on for protection and confidence day and night.

The pants are available in two styles male and female and in six sizes based on waist measurement. Made of 95% cotton, the pants are cool and comfortable.

Pack size:
The single pack contains one pair of knickers/pants and two hip protectors.
The triple pack contains three pairs of knickers/pants plus two hip protectors: the perfect solution with one pair to wear, one in the wash and one spare!

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