Comfort Grip Cane Adjustable, Small Handle - Black, Right Handed
Number: PR30107S-BK
Colour: Black
Dimensions: 762-991mm (30-39")
Max User Weight: 18st

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762-991mm (30-39")
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£ 24.19
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The ergonomic palm support and finger grooves offered by this high quality, lightweight comfort grip walking stick makes it ideal for those with reduced grip capacity. It affords the user the facility to spread the body weight load across the full palm for greater comfort when relying on the stick by spreading the body weight load across a greater surface area.

Each walking stick is height adjustable from 762-991mm (30-39") thereby making it suitable for users of most heights.

To maintain an optimum level of comfort and cushioning, replacement ferrules are also available these walking sticks require a 19mm ferrule.

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