JAECO/Rancho MultiLink MAS 20 inch w/ Elevation Assist Large
Number: PR35520E/L
Dimensions: 20"

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The new Rancho MultiLink is a lightweight anodized aluminum arm. The addition of a third articulated segment gives this design a much more compact profile without sacrificing range of motion. This will, in many cases, eliminate the need to remove the MAS from the mobility system in order to clear doorways or other obstacles in the home, therapy or work environment. The black anodized tubular arm has the added benefit of being more cosmetically appealing than the polished stainless steel MAS. The Bubble Level and Offset Swivel with a down or up stop and Forearm Support Slide simplifies balancing especially with the use of the Rancho Mount (sold separately). Sizing: Measure distance from wheelchair pack post or mount relocator (where the mount will be attached) to mid forearm (area of offset swivel) with arm in maximum passive forward reach. It is recommended that the 20" Standard MultiLink be ordered for most clients, paediatric and adult. The longer, 24 inch MultiLink should be ordered if measured forward reach is greater than 22 inches.
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