Patient Handling Belt - Universal
Number: PR41004
Dimensions: U: 81-130cm (32-51")

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U: 81-130cm (32-51")
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Patient Handling Belt

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These Patient Handling Belts make transferring patients a more comfortable and secure experience for both the patient and the carer.

By removing the need for the carer to grip clothing or the person themselves, these handling belts allow a sturdier grip and better posture; as well as better control of the patient.

From the patient s point of view, the belts are comfortable to wear and reduce the feeling of manhandling whilst also increasing the feeling of security.

The inner fabric of the belt is breathable and soft if worn next to the skin. It is also non-slip against clothing for extra secure hold. Sized to fit most people, these belts are machine washable at 72°C, making them ideal for multi-user environments.