Kanga Lady Pouch Pants - L
Number: PR52223/L
Dimensions: 40-43" (102-109cm)

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Kanga Lady Pouch Pants

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The Kanga Pouch Pants offer a range of underwear designed to accommodate removable incontinence pads (either disposable or washable, depending on the user s preference) in a convenient pocket that makes it easy to adjust or replace the pad as needed.

These pants are designed with the user at the heart of the process: the stay-dry layer is breathable and comfortable next to the skin, and the waterproof material lining the pouch is rustle-free in order to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment or discomfort on the part of the wearer.

Made from 100% cotton and available in white, these pants are specifically designed for women. For sizing, measure the hip circumference. Also available for men.

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