Paingone Fllow
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Paingone Fllow

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The Paingone Fllow is a new generation medical device that has been designed to help relive tired, aching and painful legs and feet. The powerful stimulation assists blood flow and encourages overall leg health; relieving pain and heaviness.

With 150 intensity levels, the 25 Opti-Fllow waveforms stimulate muscles in an entirely unique-to-you way. Added to which three therapy modes can be used simultaneously; enabling you to wholly tailor the therapy you receive from the device.

The rechargeable battery gives 36 hours of wireless therapy; meaning you can use it multiple times wherever you feel comfortable (both seated or lying down) before the device needs recharging. Adding to the level of comfort, the Paingone Fllow comes with its own foot cosy to keep your feet warm whilst the device is in use. The convenient remote control puts the Fllow s TENS therapy in the palm of your hand: illustrating how this well-thought-out device has been very much designed with the user in mind.

MEDICAL ADVISORY The Paingone Fllow is a wireless electrostimulation device; as such it is not suitable for those who are pregnant, those who have a pacemaker or other electrical implanted device, have a serious heart rhythm problem, or suffer from epilepsy. As with any medical device this is not intended to replace current medication or to diagnose, treat or cure any condition.

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