Add On Handles (Pair)
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Add On Handles

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Add-On Handles may be fitted to a wide range of garden tools (and indeed in the home and workshop) giving them a firmer, more positive grip whilst keeping the hand and wrist in a comfortable position. Fitting two Add-On Handles to long shafted tools, such as rakes, hoes, brooms etc., enables work to be carried out in a more upright position, thus preventing back strain and giving a wider field of work without twisting the body. Fit Add-On Handles to your favourite garden tools to convert them into ergonomically correct tools. The handles have two stainless steel clamps which are tightened by finger operated plastic wing nuts. The Arm Support Cuff will plug into the rear of the handle for those with weak hands or wrists. Will fit handles up to 40mm(1.5in) diameter.
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