Harley Comfort Plus Cushion (43x43x5cm)
Number: SP44152
Dimensions: 17x17x2"
Max User Weight: 115 kg
Product weight: 600gms

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Harley Comfort Plus Cushion

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£ 37.49
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The high grade foam of the Harley Comfort Plus Cushion affords the user optimum comfort whether on a scooter or in a wheelchair.

The nature of the foam means that the seat feels warmer, not just more padded; further enhancing the comfort aspect of this product.

Supplied as a single foam block with a wipe down, zipped leatherette cover as standard, there are other cover options available, as well as the facility to request the following foam cut-out options:
Standard cushion no cut-out
Coccyx cut-out reduces pressure on the tail bone area, providing additional comfort to those who suffer from coccyx pain
Combi cut-out which helps alleviate pressure around the ischial tuberosity commonly known as the sitting bones
Ringo cut-out has a removable central piece of foam use with the insert for all over support, or remove the insert to relieve any sensation of pressure around the sitting bones

The sizes listed on the website are standard sizes available off the shelf. This cushion can be manufactured in bespoke sizes should you require just contact us.

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Harley Comfort Plus Cushion